Head Start is our industry podcast, delivering in-depth content on anything cool happening in the Our series (Star Mazda or FF2000 Championship) usually serves as a support race This is a business relationship and there must be a clear concise understanding of expectations, timelines and returns. When I was doing a lot of commissioned artwork, I gave some discounted drawings as sponsorships on promises of displaying at car shows, handing out business cards, spreading the word, etc. Dont expect to be sponsored for long. This can include hospitality, stickers on a car, events etc. Look through the instructions to learn which data you must give. Whether its fitness, cooking, football, modern art, or something else, itll open up so many opportunities for you. Follow these simple guidelines to get Racing Sponsorship Letter ready for sending: Choose the document you require in our library of legal forms. Always be thinking of ways to reach new people. How invested will they be in the sponsorship's success. Dont just approach motorsport press for coverage. Consider what will be most impressive to the types of sponsors you want to target. Be sure to include a call-to-action so the decision-maker knows what you want them to do next. Get involved in relevant discussions around motorsport and your niche. Is your account popular How many Thousands of followers do you have? Use a phone line that you are primarily responsible for answering, such as your cell phone, so calls are not missed. Write what the sponsor will get in return, working from the list you have prepared. Open the template in our online editing tool. Explain up front that you are seeking sponsorship for your racing team and that the organization will find the proposal attached. Draw your signature, type it, upload its image, or use your mobile device as a signature pad. If you dont know the difference between features and benefits are then a motorsport proposal template might help you out. Think of it more like a sales deck. Write down all important facts, such as the biographies of the racers and the team's success rate. How to Find a Sponsor as a Beginner Triathlete. You might be sending gentle emails before pitching more formally. Valvoline has been there for as long as people have been racing cars. Do not plead. Some features will have numerous benefits. Dear Sponsor Man, Can you sponsor me? This is because every racing team has its own sponsor and that sponsors logo and name are mentioned on everything from the drivers racing kit to cars to the staff uniform, etc. The design proposal sponsorship is easy edit in InDesign. If you already have a good handle on the different pages/slides youll include and just need help on the design, then a free template will help you get a professional feel without needing to hire a designer. When you need Racing Sponsorship Agreement, don't accept anything less than the USlegal brand. 0000000902 00000 n Here's a few tips on drafting that all-important first email or conducting your introductory call: Including an attachment showcasing some key aspects of your event is ok. 1110 ezQ7sg>b{a%YfQLQWHOq!>M=k/j d54mdfeW7AFRUz:rMa*/oL9 w4P5 ys"[Su)r}f$srq Include methods like cheque, e-transfer, PayPal, etc. putting on races, come join our race directors Facebook group, The experience gained is certainly valuable, but there arent any NASCAR Scouts at club road racing events, and IMSA teams wont be impressed if you finish mid pack of a 5 car field. Paramount Primary. by issuing press releases around their involvement with your event, making the most of sales opportunities you may offer through a race expo etc). Is your audience someone who will actually buy their product? Most reputable sponsors want to see a return on their investment, so it is of paramount importance to write a detailed race car sponsorship proposal. Q%(D,qn"Q7lZ|j_u6,qn"Q7lx+h;n"Q7YG:AZ|j_QlYG: f.c|fi~ F-f.c|5q>56,qn"Q7lx+h;n"Q7Y}qtnzuI=DcwbT -LK9n6i))(L{`"$M Y=qt`Ql;VXRAM$%mYRM04)R>;mf$O?OSb>/S>eeoX]IPlEz>RY:U( =yY4 U{qG]fbN|5E {Z8f&Zp|^jd}[n While it contains loads of feedback to help you create a proposal that gets you noticed, its actually designed to guide you through the process of positioning yourself in a way thats desirable. Of course, there are bonus points if you can build a loyal, engaged audience but they are other ways to secure sponsors too. A fictional manufacturing company has contracted a student design team to develop a small Formula-style race car. And you can use it to find sponsors for your event through our Sponsor Finder tool. You and any potential sponsors need to work together to achieve what you both need. This kind of branding will make you more recognisable. The more relationships you can build in your chosen niche, the more people youll have to approach for sponsorship or introductions. Essentially, Contingency Sponsors have already agreed to support a racing series. Feel free to email jess@racingmentor.com. Will they be seen as an innovator in their company if the sponsorship succeeds? There are plenty of great articles, podcasts, and books directly pertaining to creating a good. Then, when it comes time to talk about renewal, youll have clear evidence of how youve helped them hit goals and milestones. This is where your niche makes things easier. Businesses who sponsor drivers will pay money or provide free (or more likely, discounted) parts, expecting that the advertising you do for them will earn back their investment and then some. You need to think about why a business would spend money to sponsor you. i !16QRs"ASTaq2B#$345CDbrt How do I find companies to sponsor my race car? Ask them questions, create content that speaks directly to them, and get involved in discussions with them. Expand awareness of their product? We believe auto racing sponsorship can offer a significant foundation from Be sure to include a call-to-action so the decision-maker knows what you want them to . This is where you get to make a first impression and also stand out from a sea of sponsorship demands that end up in the trash bin. Racing is one of the most expensive sports yet the most beneficial to take part in for both athletes and businessmen. It does not mean that it must include false claims or misleading information. What assets of your property could potentially provide a good match for your sponsor's objectives? The hard work comes into sitting down and going through these steps. It must be fairly obvious from everything we've discussed so far that retaining a sponsor is a lot easier than gaining one. If your sponsor just agrees to all the terms in your proposal, including price, there's nothing more to do than send them a sponsorship letter or agreement for them to sign (always document the terms of your final agreement to avoid misunderstandings and awkward conversations down the line). The most effective thing you can do to minimize out of pocket expense is in choosing a car that is affordable, reliable, and wont blow through consumables. This will help you catch the decision makers eye but dont forget just how important content is in all this. Im not saying that lucrative club racing sponsorships are unheard of, but if you ask the random driver with a business name on their car, they typically arent taking a huge check to have the name on their car. How will the person opposite you stand to gain from the sponsorship? So here, you should clearly mention what are the benefits that the sponsor will get with this sponsorship. Also, make sure you treat these sponsors right to keep them on board with sponsorship: Run their products and post your appreciation when you win. If you are looking for racing sponsorship proposals, you are at the right place. How are you going to justify the cost of what youre offering? Go more into depth with your research to get a sense of their specific goals. Some basic terms and conditions are: In the end, leave some space for the signatures of the representatives of both parties to the sponsorship agreement. Understand the sponsorship process first. Just dont think that simply having a few thousand followers means youre prime sponsorship material, expect to work prove that value and work at it. 0000000016 00000 n Whatever your niche is, theres probably a story behind it and this is something you need to start pushing in the press. The marquee value of your corporation's name affiliated with the Pearson Racing. Podcast 032: How to Maximise Opportunities on LinkedIn, Podcast 031: How to Make a Winning First Impression, Podcast 025: How to Make the Most of LinkedIn, Podcast 010: Why Business-Minded Drivers Succeed, Get Paid to Race pages: 107-114 and 129-132. Faith Motorsports takes great pride in making sure each sponsor's expectations are greatly exceeded. Pearson Racing members utilizing wearing apparel with your corporate name/logo and the exposure you will receive in front of thousands of race fans. JFIF Adobe d '$''''$25552;;;;;;;;;; %%#(((((#,0000,7;;;7;;;;;;;;;; %%#(((((#,0000,7;;;7;;;;;;;;;; " Automotive Racing Sponsorship Proposal oecm.ca Details File Format PDF Size: 349 KB Download 4. This tool allows to fill out any PDF or Word document directly from your browser (no software . Ht1_%`1;d`*FpS\@KOr)r+Z{]?>~)7rw):,QuH1>^qnrTb_2|=7}F>bb)E]Oa6;Sy#A'1SN1Ra1a;IKh,e4fr, 6d$arf6*m^ev`VN(rNs1q*c.7!=, :Wv 4ii>t Z3:4x-%XfE$P:5boC )zM6T& *dP>6y|~{oQB91vYmWfG=}E},v%=]Z!P[7m=X\zucFH!F GVZp[.`d.A2jy`!ba3wz8oIXe~mT#eVj_;78*/0yVA:Wk&9/I>SX-^AhhV/"E)?=w WP 03. Edit your sponsorship agreement team online. Auto Sponsorship Proposal moorespeed.com Details File Format PDF Size: 298 KB Download 3. The template proposal sponsorship comes in A4 and US Letter size. Racing Sponsorships. Fast Feb is back but its looking a little different for 2023! TABLE OF CONTENTS Overview Series Information Companies Involved in Racing Sponsorships . Look for brands that are actively trying to promote themselves and look at how you can add to that. We would like to pick up sponsors for our US Legends race car. Through my time running Time Trial and Racing contingency prizes have long way to cutting my running costs. Fast shipping, quality parts. Consider checking out Oval Track racing. How will your sponsor assess the sponsorship and whether it has been a success for them? Print out the letter and mail it or hand-deliver it to the potential sponsor. If you check out Crapcan, Club, and even Entry-Pro there generally arent anyone in the stands that arent family, friends, or crew. Want to race with packed stands and screaming fans? Money demands include the car itself, parts, gas, assistants, a trailer and fees to enter races. Then theres Entry-Pro like Pirelli World Challenge and Indycar sponsored Support Races (Global MX-5) in the middle, and Pro IMSA/Weathertech racing at the top. Include a quick reference of what that audience corresponds to in your proposal to be transparent with sponsors on how you got the information. You might be operating in a specific niche (see below for more details) or area. Whether it be a fashion show or a charity event, state what it is and explain to your sponsor why it is beneficial for . Time and time again on this blog I repeat the famous quote: The best way to make a small fortune in racing is to start with a big one. There just arent many any ways to compete in this hobby and make money while doing so. The sponsorship package underpins the agreement fire your organization and your sponsor. You still need to be able to eloquently put your case across in writing. Try and see the positive in every situation. Be consistent post regularly and stay on brand. This is where you set yourself apart from the rest. Sponsorship Application. Select the submit format and acquire the legal papers template in your product. And the best person is always the decision maker: the person who has an interest in what you have to say and the authority to make things happen. Proposal for Auto Racing Sponsorship by Moorespeed Race Engineering 2131 Theo Drive Austin Texas, 78723 512.474.7223 www.moorespeed.com. 0 If youd like to see examples of the pages in the Racing Mentor sponsorship proposal template, take a look here. A short biography about you. That said, it is not always clear how sponsors will evaluate a sponsorship's ROI and it is not uncommon for the same sponsorship assets (=bits you can offer to sponsors, like branding rights, direct selling opportunities etc) to be valued differently by different sponsors. If you're directing races, chances are you have a long and bitter history struggling with race sponsorship. Which is why in this definitive guide we aim to give you crucial tips and step-by-step advice to help you find your way to a successful sponsorship, whatever your event's stature. Assuming the commitments you've undertaken are realistic (ambitious deliverables are good, provided you can get there in the end), delivering on your sponsorship should come down to a project management exercise: tracking goals, updating sponsors and making sure what needs to be done gets done. This will re-iterate facts about the event benefits, and features. What makes you different from any other person? This is a more simple document that tells your story. Agree 10.48% Although you've come a long way its still easy to get undone at this stage by the two cardinal sins of sponsor-seeking: Yes, copying your last sponsorship proposal and editing your sponsor's name and company details is tempting - it will definitely save you a lot of time. Sponsorship announcements throughout race season. Sponsor marketing objectives change and the tools sponsors use to deliver them, including your sponsorship, may rise and fall in relevance. The easiest way to get motorsport sponsorship is to build a network. If you have any comments or suggestions for improving our race sponsorship guide, we'd love to hear them. You do not need to include every cost. Since road racing doesnt have a huge fanbase or mainstream media following, you need to show how you will do the legwork and get the sponsors name/product in front of possible customers. It will not offset all your costs for an entire weekend, but they can go a long way to lowering your expenses. Do you have a special story? If you want to run in one of the very few racing series that do get sponsors and prize money? The second is a simple showcase of who you are. Treat your Race Team as a Business. Trying to race while sticking to a budget? You dont show up to a job interview in flip flops with photos to show on your phone to showcase. This all comes down to value. Though my experience was generally limited, I never saw ANY return from any of it. Create a clear list of features and benefits that you can pick and choose from. You have to convince a potential sponsor that YOU are the person who will work for them. Social media is king. Making sure the right type of information is included though does matter. No Money Motorsports, Top 15 First Track Day FAQs All you need to know in order to get yourself driving on a race track. Being a part of racing brings great value, and Supporting Sponsorships are a great way to dip a toe in the water of racing without too much risk. A racing sponsorship proposal is much like sports proposal but the template should be somewhat racing oriented and it must highlights racing as primary facet of the proposal. You have to sponsor me because my car always gets 100 likes on social media. Its important at this step in the sponsorship process to think about your niche just as you would if you were a business. You are so much more than a racing driver so think about your interests and skills outside of motorsport. After all, they're after your event as much as you're after their sponsorship! You have to convince a potential sponsor that YOU are the person who will work for them. Sponsorship is much more than whether or not your car is a good platform to showcase their parts. hb```"gVa1G2S\Z&80~QRse You're already in a slim minority of organizers: you have someone interested enough in your race to want to spend time hearing what you have to say. Advertisement Envato Elements (Design Without Limits) Quite often, the businesses you see sponsoring club racing cars are the drivers own personal business, job, parent, or friend. Thank the letter reader for his or her time and include all of your contact information. smoga07 Itll be the basis for everything you post on social media, how you write race reports, and more. Theres hard work involved but the secret is consistency, especially once youre all set up and in the swing of things. Podcast 043: How to find and understand sponsor goals, Podcast 026: How to Tell if a Sponsor has Budget to Work With You, Podcast 009: How to Craft a Winning Subject Line. Of course you can. %%EOF How to get more Instagram followers as a racing driver, Flow-state thinking: The secret to shaving off seconds. Take notes. All you usually need to do is display their stickers on the car and if you finish a race in certain positions (usually around the top 5 cars) you get some sort of prize. You might be getting involved in discussions on LinkedIn. Sponsorship can come in a number of flavors, depending on the form of contributions the sponsor makes to the race. Its a great thing to have but it will not help you secure sponsors on its own. 1. A sponsorship proposal is an official document that an individual or a business presents to another individual or business, in order to request or seek sponsorship from them. Similarly, a racing sponsorship proposal is a document that a racing team presents to some individual or a business to get sponsorship from them. The sponsor's eager and you know exactly what they're after. The cover page should include the details of the potential client and your details. Many more also emulate a classic livery because it looks really cool, without any form of compensation. When you want to approach an organization to sponsor you for a racing event, you must present them with a professional racing sponsorship proposal. And yet, many sponsor stickers are from drivers who just like and want to support a specific brand or business without necessarily being compensated. [1] 2. These are usually negotiated by the club themselves, not the individual so consider them Free on your own legwork side. Proposal for auto racing sponsorship by moorespeed race engineering 2131 theo drive austin texas, 78723 512.474.7223 www.moorespeed.com. Ask instead "What can I throw into the sponsorship proposal that would make the price worth paying?" . Building relationships can take a number of different forms: You might be going to networking events to build relationships with local business owners. race car sponsorship agreement template Free Racing Sponsorship Proposal Example-Flip eBook Pages 20 - 202 Interest in actual property, sale of products over $500, lease longer than a yr. Think about the problem you will help solve and the goals youll help reach. The term influencer is relatively new, but the concept has been around for advertisers for a long time. Are you looking at club racing as a stepping stone to Going Pro? Consider positioning trophies around the car in some of the shots -- this is a subtle reminder that you are a successful racer. Following Up Your Sponsorship Proposal; Motorsport Sponsorship Guide Finding sponsors and making it to a racing grid year on year, or for the first time, can be a very daunting prospect and is more important than simply offering logos on your livery design. If you're already using a project management tool, like Asanaor Basecamp, to plan your race, set up a new or side project for your sponsorships. But there are two big things that help you find success. But remember, a great proposal is about so much more than an attractive design. Another element of finding and securing sponsors is building a strong network. Weve also included page references for the Get Paid to Race book (currently only available as an ebook). startxref To do this create content that gets people asking questions, create challenges that get people working towards a goal, or host events that gather your community in one place. Racers and sanctioning bodies are using new ways to find sponsorship dollars in 2020. Find out within 24-48 hours if you can be sponsored by Autoplicity, Pedal Commander, Slick Products, VLEDS, Perfection Wheels, North Lights, Vicrez and over 400 of the biggest names in the automotive industry. Basic Elements, Online Racing Sponsorship Proposal Templates, National Racing Event Sponsorship Proposal Template, Bike Racing Sponsorship Proposal PDF Template, Racing Team Sponsorship Proposal Template, High School Racing Sponsorship Proposal Printable, Racing Club Sponsorship Proposal Template, Proper Racing Sponsorship Proposal Template, Conditions of cancellation, withdrawal, or suspension of sponsorship. You are welcome to submit a sponsorship proposal for review to the following address: Summit Racing Equipment Attn. When you first sign a sponsor, make sure to set some goals for the year in terms of how youre promoting them. Leg Daddy Racing Sponsorship Proposal 1. Well also cover the steps needed to secure long-lasting motorsport sponsorship including: All the links in the further resources sections are for free content from the podcast, blog, and YouTube channel. In the case of direct-applicationsponsorship program, you can expect your application to reach the right person within the sponsor organization. The NHRA secured its new title sponsor, Camping World, after a series of interactions . If you have questions you think other race directors may know the answers to, or just want to chat about Make your direct pitch. Racing Sponsorship Proposal Template Download this Racing Sponsorship Proposal Template Design in Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages Format. We actually prefer the former as it is more visual and helps you think harder about keeping the content concise, but in the end it doesn't really matter which one you go with. 19 US Race Calendars to List Your Race On, How to Promote Your Race: Our Ultimate Guide, What types of sponsorship are available for your event, What sponsors look for and how to give it to them, How to identify and approach sponsor candidates, How to successfully negotiate and deliver a sponsorship, Identify sponsors that stand a good chance of responding to your approach, Make the most of your sponsorship assets, by offering the right stuff to the right sponsors, the sponsorship benefits they are looking toprovide and what they may want in return, the timeframes for receiving and replying to sponsorship proposals, Theyhavea well-defined process for accepting and assessing sponsorship proposals, They have resources earmarked for sponsorships, There is a dedicated person on the other end tasked with identifying and developing sponsorship opportunities, Briefly (=2-3 sentences max) introduce yourself and your event, Briefly (=2-3 sentences max) point to what sponsor objectives you think a sponsorship of your event could benefit, End with a request for a follow-up meeting or call to share more details, Going into lengthy discussions of your race or sponsorship proposal before hearing what your sponsor needs (ideally you want to get into this discussion in the follow-up meeting). How long you have been racing. Your proposal must show depth and that you took the time to understand each sponsor. Race Car Sponsorship Proposal Template. For those of you that have your email pitches down to a tee, and have a little bit of design knowledge, a template might be a little pointless. How do I write a sponsorship proposal? There are tons of Martini and Gulf liveried vehicles in Club racing, but Id guess that not a single one is doing it as a sponsorship. Enhance their brand's image? Dont skip this step because it could be the difference between no reply and a career-changing sponsorship deal. Once you have identified suitable organizations to target, you need to find the best person to contact within the organization to discuss your sponsorship proposal. Find a class thats easy on consumables and where cars are affordable. Easily Editable, Printable, Downloadable. Free Preview Race Car Sponsorship Contract Template. I tend to either look through my LinkedIn contact for potential sponsors or look at the exhibitors for trade shows and conferences. Once you lay out the structure of your sponsorship delivery project, set up email update alerts to remind you to regularly communicate progress to sponsors.
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