A few comments. Reading above you seem to suggest just buying return tickets each morning is best, what I cant work out is can you buy an open return as online you have to select a return time and for obvious reason we wont know the exact time? Do you have any advice about the Best route to drive from Rotterdam ferry terminal to the circuit on the Thursday we are hoping to do it in one day It certainly paid to not choose the obvious route if arriving by car. Your best bet is to park in one of the parks near the big P (Zona Parcheggi Comune di Monza). thanks for the info Jerome, I will update the post soon. I studied your Italian Guide so I was prepared for everything including the metro, trains and walk to circuit. What time does the qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday start so I know when to time our departure? You could always just take your luck on the weekend itself. Would this make sense for track sections 21D or 8B? the online check in receipt with the QR code; Its an online check in procedure that you need to complete before attending this weekend. You may be better off taking the local 221 bus that will drop you closer to your grandstand (Gate B or C). The closest station to our hotel is Centrale. Just follow the crowds! More advice in our Trackside guide. Please you are not bothering me this is very useful information and Ill update the post to reflect this. Whats the best way to get from Monza train station to the closest gate ( gate C I believe)? The 20 minutes walk to Monza park from the black busline is a little optimistic. Thank you! Check the circuit map closely on this page, you can see the route for the Black shuttle. Do you know which train/bus connection is best?? what would you recomend for transportation..car or we are stsying in a hotel in Milano. Have seats in grandstand 8 and was thinking of driving or catching the bus from Lecco and then a train from Lecco go Monza. Thank You, Yes, you should be fine! Thanks! Whats the quickest/easiest way to get to Parabolica 23a from the central station? Find station information, search timetables and book tickets to and from Monza. Im not sure how we would arrange a spot to get picked up after the race either. Im coming from Bergamo Great website love it. Hi Stefano. That being the case, be aware that a lot of folk actually travel out to the circuit without tickets. Id prefer to stay somewhere with facilities for the weekend (showers and loos). I joined the queue for security situated after the campsite at 8.45am, and I was through security just a little bit more than 20 minutes after, at the area near the swimming pool, along the main straight, while hearing the F3 cars drive by. Andrew, Gate G is marked on the map in red meaning Reserved and looks like an internal gate. the Green Pass (EU Digital Covid Certificate); Does anyone know if the race day train service stops at Sesto San Giovanni station en route from Milan Centrale? Have you considered leaving the car in the center on Sunday and taking the train to the circuit? You have to validate the tickets on the yellow boxes on the platform. The fanzone was supposed to be open on Thursday, but doesnt look like it will be now. Wish we had done that for the race, we could have spent some time in Monza. Hi, I hope this helps: I managed to get around it access that site via your mobile device! Could you share where you had sits on the track and how were they. I hope the following will be of help to others and is my observation of attending all 3 days (Fri Sun). I will stand on Inner Parabolica 23 stand. Our tickets are for section 6A. The registration in English doesnt even work! Three family members attending this weekend, one has to get to Orio del Serio for a flight within a couple of hours of the race finishing. I would ask your hotel if you are staying in one. Going to Monza this year. If we have a voucher and need to pick up tickets, which Entrance do we need to go to on the map for this. Milan ( near Centrale train station) to track. Sadly, I dont think we can necessarily expect an improved organization this year, because Italy:) How much can i trust google maps for getting around from Milano to Monza? Thanks Jan! Were going to the circuit on Saturday and Sunday and any specific advice about access to the circuit would be welcome. Monza is a city and comune on the River Lambro, a tributary of the Po in the Lombardy region of Italy, about 15 km north-northeast of Milan. Hi Harry, check the maps we just uploaded to this page. Wrong! does anyone have any recommendations on routs or places to stay along the way?? I intend to check out Thursdays proceedings. Hi Claudia, I would buy the return tickets on the day. If I would take a cab, do you think I would be able to make it there? What will be the best way to get to Monza each day? The amount of English spoken made me feel like I was more in New York than Milan. 1) in Biassono, if you arrive quite early you can find some spots and the entrance is Santa Maria delle Selve. Yes your plan is good. Would never go back (unless maybe I had money (and I mean helicopter kinda money)) Morning, we are staying right near Bruzzano station. helps you find the best way to get to F1-circuit monza with step-by-step directions from the nearest public transit station. Hi Alex, there are no specific motorbike parking areas at Monza. Hi, this Destination Guide is fantastic! We looked into options of renting bicycles at a place to the South of the park (Cascina Bastia) close to a parking garage to save time at the end of the day with little time to make it to Linate for our 19:15 flight. There are also buses, and I think the Z221 bus stops right near your hotel and goes to Monza. Monza Train Station | The F1 Spectator From here there are a number of ways to continue to the circuit which are listed below. I think you are right about the walking times, but probably even further as 6B is probably a 20 minute walk from the closest entrance gate to the Black Shuttle drop off point. Is there a car service you know of/would recommend? We also found the local shops inside Milano Centrale selling the combined train and bus for 8 euros each day. How long does it typically take to get from the central station in Milan to grandstand 6B? Are we okay to get the train from Como to Monza, or are there better options? Sorry but you need to read the post as its all spelled out there for you. How to get to the Monza Autodrome It is possible to reach the Autodromo Nazionale Monza using different types of public and private transport: car, motorbike, train, plane, bus, taxi. On this page it says if you take the black shuttles you get dropped off about a 20 min walk to the entrance near the Parabolica. More info here. or not?? I will update this page very soon with 2017 info! Yes that's correct, from Monza train station there are shuttle buses (the black line) running between the station and Monza park. Many thanks. 2. Thanks! After F2 qualifying at 7pm on Friday, I rushed to the Lesmo exit to get onto the 7.09pm train from Biassono-Lesmo station, only to find out that I wasnt the only one to have had the same idea, and due to crowd control, I wasnt allowed onto the platform. You have to buy tickets, I think they are about 4-5 EUR return. My girl friend and myself had to go through the nonsense today at the sesto m1 station. Use your google map for te destination stop as a reminder and DO NOT get off Vedono as most peopl gets off this stop. We are coming by car at Sunday morning so Im wondering when to arrive to have enough time to park, buy GA tickets and find some decent spot to see the race. And, what is the best recommended time to be on Monza station to reach Grandstand 23A calmly? Other days should be fine. When you arrive at Monza train station, Black shuttle buses are on hand to take you to the circuit for 6 return per day. Please note that you will have a lot of traffic, use the road passing through Desio in both cases, and avoid passing through Monza town! Thank you. But you may need to take a taxi at some point if you are worried about missing your flight. This site is amazing thank you for all you do! I can suggest you via Montegrappa or via Grandi. Is there a direct conection between the airport and the circuit on sunday (Race day)? Metro m1 from Milan to sesto station then z221 bus to Santa Maria delle Selve, in Biassono. Hi Im staying in bergamo this year for the f1 gp I have 3 kids and wife with me can you recommend the best way th get to the track. Its about 15-20 minutes walk from where the Black line bus from Monza Railway station drops you off. John, I cannot answer all your questions. It can take up to 30 minutes to make your way from the shuttle bus to your seat. So, it looks like the train strikes on Friday are official. Think twice before you visit as it may turn your vacation into a such an unpleasant waste of time. We got tickets for Ascari 16 and we are coming from Milan Central. Hi Jerry, best idea is to take the train to Monza train station, then the Black shuttle bus and walk. More info here. Hey, great guide! I dont recommend booking flights so early after the grand prix, but you still should be fine. Also go here for drivers autographs! having read the post and the comments section it seems to me both time- and cost-wise to risk coming by car. Nevertheless I am having some serious Post-Purchase-Research-Syndrome, so far I am glad weve shelled out extra to have a grandstand seating. Hi Craig, please contact Gootickets. To get round this we removed the lids ourselves before security and put them in our pockets!! Milan has an excellent public transport system. Hi Jim, hope you have a great weekend at Monza. What time does the Paddock club party start and finish on Fridays please and would taxis/trains be available afterwards to Milan? It is the capital of the Province of Monza and Brianza. Also is it advisable to buy train tickets from the centre of Milan online before I go or to buy them once Im in Italy? Your flight is a bit too early on Sunday night, but I guess you know that already. We have tickets in 6C. Even on the metro when we had the wrong tickets, he totally helped us along. Sorry I really dont have much knowledge about carparks near Monza. We have general admissions tickets and are hoping to get seats near the inside of parabolica. What is the best route to get to the track and most practical gate? More information here. #8 of 106 things to do in Monza Sights & Landmarks, Auto Race Tracks Viale di Vedano 5, 20900 Monza, Italy Open today: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Save Monza F1 racetrack, the Royal Palace, guided tour 12 Book in advance from $109.78 per adult Check availability View full product details Andy10109 Buckingham, United Kingdom 62 189 Regular train services connect Monza to the centre of Milan, as well as nearby cities like Bergamo. Hi Trevor! Really useful information, thanks. Thanks for always commenting and answering so many questions on this site! Thanks a lot! As for the drinks in the paddock club; you normally get around 1.5 to 2 hours there with as much food and drink as you can handle, plus cool simulators to try out and you also get to meet a driver (in our case, Esteban Ocon). I would like to take the train from Milano Centrale to the Biassono Lesmo stop. Hi Johan, 6C is a good stand! From there you can take the Blue shuttle bus, which will drop you off at Ingresso (Gate) G. From there, I estimate around a 15-20 minute walk to Ascari. Are these time estimates off or is taking the black shuttle really saving about 10 minutes or so of walking (again not including wait time to get on the shuttle)? Take it monza station would be easier to use, thanks in advance. Most carparks cost around 25 per day on race weekend and are serviced by shuttle buses which will take you to the circuit entrance. Hi, we are driving around Italy and are staying nearby for the F1 in September and just booked tickets. hello, me and my friend first time going to f1 grand prix, decided go to Italy (Ferrari in our blood ). Thanks a lot for your help! Im a bit confused by that, too. Search bus schedules and compare ticket prices with Busbud. I think 9pm is too early for a flight from Bergamo. Just to say that weve been staying in Bergamo for the Italian GP for a few years now. We did have lunch at Costa Alta which was very nice indeed. The best drivers, the most famous cars, the most important events have created a special legend which has existed for almost 100 years. Is the bus stop right at the train station.. Is this the best route for us. It is a goldmine of useful information. Andrew. As for race morning, Id be looking to get there before 9am to beat the worst traffic. Good evening. I noticed some people following the same path, and at the station you could see F1 fans filling the platform in reasonable numbers, no crowd control necessary, and everyone was able to get a seat on that long double decker train. Another benefit from this option is that Arcore station is a quite easy with only 2 platforms, so all trains towards Milan leave from the same platform, whereas Monza is a much bigger station with many platforms, so you need to make sure you are in the correct one. Amazing website, F1 should start sending a link with race tickets. Hi, thanks so much for your effort. Make sure you have guarded parking for your hire car, wherever you decide to stay. in your navigation system, and then try to find a spot for parking (free o paying). Thanks again Myself and my son are now all set to attend from Thursday till Monday. Any advice ? Of you could take a taxi from Monza railway station if you are in a hurry and dont want to walk so far. Recommended Train, bus Take the train from Milano Centrale to Monza Take the bus from Monza to Biassono I stayed on Milano, so every day I took the train from Milan Central Train Station, heading to Lecco, Tirano or Chiasso. I really thought the offer would be valid for all three days. Do you know which drop-off point (accessible on that day) would be best to be as close as possible to gate A? Hi Chris, take the train from Milan to Monza, as per instructions on this page. Hey, we are staying in Cornaredo. Depends on what time your flight is. Thinking also Parabolica 21a. Then walked further to get the ticket scanned, this was behind the main grandstand. On Sunday I took the first special service train express to Biassono-Lesmo at 7.36am, hoping to see some of the F3 sprint race. This is some great information thank you so much! Then 15 minute wait for the bus to the super crowded train station. On all 3 days the car park was barely half full. Hi Andrew, I see on the Monza website that Trenord tickets can be purchased online in advance. How often do the local 221 buses run on Sunday .. Would it be easy get a taxi to entrance B on race day.. My son is disabled but can walk , however very long walks are a problem do you know if the track would provide transport to our seats once were inside the track ?.. We received instructions from the staff at the Hilton for the race, and it worked out great. Last time I went for the main straight bleachers, which are excellent value for money and great for the start/finish of the race and pits action, but unfortunately they are already sold out this year. We are going to Monza this year to support Max and have tickets for grandstand 8b. Further advice about getting around in Milan can be found here, including the lowdown on taking taxis as well as information about the citys bike sharing scheme. We are travelling from New Zealand to Monza for the first time. Thanks for any suggestion, We are staying between Valbrona and Onno. I think either station works for 6b, but you would have to walk further from the Biassono-Lesmo station. The outbound leaves Milan at 17 past the hour for a 32 minute journey, and the return towards Milan leaves Biassono-Lesmo at 9 past the hour. Firstly a thanks as this page has been extremely useful! We got seats on 30a, our Hotel is in Bergamo, what aproach do you recomend? Hello, dont you know when the parking tickets will be available to buy? Hi David, firstly the trains to Biassono Lesmo only run on race day. It will save you having to walk back to Sesto San Giovanni. I would leave before 8am. Try and get there earlier on Sunday though. Estimated driving times to Imola from major regional cities: Bologna: 40 minutes (40km) The Monza circuit is one of the oldest F1 circuits. Once you have arrived, seven gates (Ingresso A-G) provide access for fans to the circuit. A heads up before the day would be really useful, many thanks, Hi Nick, I am 90% sure that the F1.com tickets booth will be at the main circuit entrance gate (Gate A), which is close to the exit of Parabolica. You will see the Black shuttle drops you off around 15 minutes walk from Parabolica or Vedano entrances, either of these are good. For the race, I think some of the best views in General Admission are on the inside of Parabolica, but you probably need to reserve your spot early. Thanks in advance! I heard from Ted Kravitz on sky that some stand tickets have been revoked. Do You think that i would have enough time to get to the circuit for the race (14:00). You can also get to the circuit via the Z221 bus from Sesto San Giovanni train station in the north of Milan (next to. On each of the three days including race day my journey was uninterrupted and the longest traffic queue I was in lasted about 5 minutes due to a flood on the road by the railway line. It seems to be getting close. I managed to get weekend tickets for myself and my wife, but well be bringing our 11 month old baby with us. Hi there, this is guide is really helpful and really easy to understand. Do we have to pre book online or do we buy them when we get there? Where ever you enter the circuit you will have a long walk and mine from D (lesmo) to Grandstand 6C (1st Chicane)was about 30 minutes mainly tarmac paths although muddy from the rain on Saturday. I would like to say a big thank you for all the wonderful info. But I guess we will have to wait until a few weeks before the race before the details of shuttle buses are confirmed. Which parking spot is the best for our car? Its generally not a good idea to drive to Monza as the track near the circuit on race weekend is horrendous. Hello, Hi Ollie, I think 7pm is too early even if Linate is easier to get to than Malpensa. if the destination doesnt fit their needsOr very often they are raising the fees (x1.5 / x2 times the normal fare). Just returned from Italy this week. I am going on Sunday, General admission and was wondering the nearest official car park to the entrance. Which train should we take and where to get out. Monza is amazing and I am sure you will have a great weekend. The advantage as I saw it is that the park and ride buses drop you off about a 30 minute walk from the entrances whilst this was actually 100 yards from the entrance. Great info. However the regular hourly service on line S7 between Milano Porta Garibaldi and Lecco stopping at Biassono-Lesmo Parco runs every day (even Sunday). Heres the directions from Googlemaps. Where to park the car? Hi Andrew, what a great resource you have put together. Hi Andrew, WOW. Maybe see you at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival this December! I recommend leaving the circuit as soon as race finishes hope there arent any delays to the race. Will the shuttle buses be running from the stations in 2022? Heres the map with the gates and also the drop off point for the shuttle. They will wait, watch (through fences etc) and listen to the race. In short, I do think its worth the money for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a Grand Prix. But at least we made it back quickly as an express route and were back at Centrale in about 15 minutes. The closest entrance is Sta Maria d Selve but the black shuttle bus stops further east. We walked the track for pictures, and after about an hour felt it would be safe to head back. If its not when are you planing to update it? I cant comment on the price of trains. I think we are going by train from Milano to Monza and take the black shuttle bus. Hello, Ann. Hi Martin When I was on Monza in 2010, there was camping near Lesmo corner, but now there is no official map or information on official website about it. Thanks for the information, by the way, very helpful! Take the train to Monza station, followed by the Black shuttle bus. Staying in Milano and we have a rental car. We have seats on Tribuna 1 Centrale and are arriving by car. Good choice on the grandstand. Which entrance will we enter from? Takes 8 mins. Let me know if you know anything about it. ive just get tickets to 2020 GP, to general admission. We grabbed a beer at the station hang out tent, then spent about 30 minutes waiting in line. Even google map wont give you the best routes! Thank you! I crossed the road and entered the circuit at gate D. On leaving immediately after the race on Sunday about 15 minutes after the podium I didnt even have to queue to get out of the car park and drove the return same route and never stopped once. This will lead you am at least 35 minutes walk to the ingress B (gate B). Were heading to Monza this year and very excited. It costs 2.80 one way between Milan and Biassono-Lesmo. Hi Great info. It maybe that you get the train or bus to Monza train station, then get a taxi for the last few km. Id be heading back to Milan on the train, then getting a taxi to the airport. So we went back to the inside to the end of the main grandstand. I cant wait to go back to Monza this year! I am going here for the weekend. Also this website provides far better information than any of the staff at the track! On the monza.it website it has a online check-in part which when you click on it doesnt bring anything up. A lot has changed on the circuit in the meantime, of course, but one thing has definitely stuck : Monza is all about speed. We are sitting in GS 8 and planning on traveling from Milan by train. Queued again for drinks and then food. Yes, you do have some solutions from Como to Monza, not all over the day direct trains but at least you dont have to arrive until Milan. First we were thinking about hire a car do you think its better to travel from milan central to monza central and take the shuttle bus or would you go for a car/recommend another trainstation? Which one I should buy? Visitors has to be aware of getting fined. All weekend on just after the race? My questions are 1) do you have to pre-book the park and ride before you arrive? thanks Jo. Ordered our tickets way back and found out today that they wont ship in time, so we are stuck having to pick them up there. There are underpasses to get from one side of the track to the other. You can buy tickets from the machine on the station, one way was 2.20 euros. Thanks a lot Mirela, glad you enjoyed your experience at the Italian GP! My brother and I are staying near the Centrale Statione in Milan, and I wondered what the best directions would be to the stand number 5 on the curcuit? They tell me that the tickets will not be sent to my home address in Melbourne before we leave to head to Italy (18 August).? How long does it take to walk from Monza train station to the circuit ? You should be able to get a taxi after the race, but there could be a delay. Milans Central Train Station is a beautiful old building on the Piazza Duca dAosta. 7 singular taps. Dont be in a hurry to leave the circuit after the race, enjoy the atmosphere and wait for the crowds to die down. Im planning to go back this year, I love this place. So, be warned that although there may be 90000+ ticket holders inside the circuit, there will be several thousand OUTSIDE getting in at the end. There is no information on the official website yet. Download the new Monza 100 app, which has good maps of all the facilities at the circuit, including toilets. Only the TiLo trains from Switzerland have fixed times. The pick up point for taxis is located at Via Cesana and Villa in Biassono (near the gas station). You could head to the Paddock entrance and try to get some driver autographs! In my opinion, the longer train journey (and 0.40 difference in fare) is quickly compensated by avoiding the crowd taking shuttle buses at Monza (and bad traffic), and the twenty minute walk to the main gate. What exactly do you do with the prices of the trains because they range from 16 to 80 euros to Modena. Is it a recommended seat to take? Thanks. Im hoping that is just pre-purchase and we can still get them on the day? I think you can take the risk of driving and parking, but its always a good idea to try to avoid peak times arriving and leaving. On Sunday we will drive by car, since we have to travel back to Germany after the race. Thanks for all your hard work. ticket. I want to have a walk on the banking after the F2 race and dont fancy another long walk after that to Monza train station. It depends only how far are you based from the Saronno train station. On Saturday morning, I boarded the hourly train from Porta Garibaldi to Biassono-Lesmo at 9.17am. We had tickets for Grandstand 8a, east side external seating. Darren. It seems they dont sell them yet, but I am not sure. This link takes you to parkforfun and they said they are not running it for Monza that it is an old link. Outbound trains leaves Milano Porta Garibaldi at 17 past the hour for a 32 minute journey, and the return towards Milan leaves Biassono-Lesmo at 9 past the hour. I can only say thank god I have a son who is an IT genius otherwise I would have been in deep do-do. Dont leave anything of value in the car! I thought this may be the case. Yes, you can use any entrance to get in. And finally Trenord offers for the Monza GP an extraordinary train service for 5 euros on Sunday only. I just attended the August 31,2017 pit F1 put walk today. Maybe anyone has any information about it? Alternatively, buy direct from the Monza circuit website. Can I get a train direct to Monza from Como without having to go into Milan? Hi Vykye, I was lucky enough to take the F1 Experiences paddock tour at the recent Malaysia GP. On Saturday we would prefer to take train to the circuit. Cheers. Finally we are in section 6 for our seats any guesses for how long itll take to walk from the black line shuttle bus to our seats? The rain sucked big time and after we walked the fun center, decided to catch the buses back to the train. Hi Toni, the info on Google Maps should be correct! Only going on Sunday. The promoter responded on Twitter to say this issue was due to a big reseller in the UK, who apparently decided not to proceed with buying allocated tickets. And, is it true that you can sit on any grandstand you want on Friday? You didnt indicate how you were getting to the track. But its always a good idea to get return tickets each morning, that way you wont have to queue up at Monza station with everyone else at the end of the day. Alternatively, you could get one of the paid local buses (nr 221) from Monza railway station to get you a little closer to the track and save your legs. Hi..whats the best transport option if you have the seat in the Gradinate Traguardo T3? But not a lot of people do that. Gate G is best for Parabolica, after you enter you can go on an overpass over the track to get to the inside of the corner. How do you advise on getting there? Im based in Vedano, very close to the main entrance of the circuit, contact me if you need support. Where is the best parking area as close as possible as my wife cannot walk long distances easily. Thanks. Just confirming what Andrew has said. A ticket purchased on the bus is 1.60 each way. Hi there! Hi Diane, are you going the whole weekend? This would seem like a good option, even if you are staying longer and need to buy 2 x 3-day passes. Hi Paul, its a really long walk from the Biassono entrance to 26c. This is a good option if you are sitting at on Seconda Variante (grandstands 9, 10) or Variante Ascari (grandstands 12-20), or planning to watch in the General Admission areas near Lesmo. Hi Andrew, we have tickets for the Monza race and are wondering how to get from Milan Central station to the circuit on saturday and sunday but expecially how to get to Linate airport after the race. Close to the end of the race we left to beat any traffic, cycled back, picked up our car and were at the airport at 16:30. If you are planning on taking M1 metro from Milan( less transfer and faster) to sesto station then transfer z221 bus to the tracks. Feel free to contact me for suggestions / help (a.ste@me.com), Great website really helpful. Thanks for the quick response! We only managed to get general admission tickets in the end, so where do you think is a good place to be based to 1) still see some good action but 2) be mindful of being able to get in and out of the track as seamlessly and possibly quickly as we can.
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