cloud computing + becoming a guest blogger Cloud Computing Write for Us - Cloud Computing is an information technology that allows you to take advantage of the internet to remotely. To ease that confusion, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) proposed a definition of cloud computing in its NIST Special Publication 800-145 as: "A model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable . The writers capacity to comprehend the needs of the audience is essential in order to provide information that is appropriate for them. Cloud governance (transparency of processes, legal frameworks, and consumer monitoring and reporting). Three Windowsalways welcomes all writers who want toguest post, contribute articles regularly. These off-site systems are hosted on the cloud (or the internet) instead of on your computer or other local storage. From those insights, you can increase efficiencies and build action plans to meet organisational goals. However, there are many variations, and it is not always easy to choose the one that best suits your business. Take your first step today to establish yourself as an Influencer or the professional writer. The writing style and content should be completely original and display your personality as a writer. Nowadays, it seems that everything occurs in the cloud. cloud computing + guest article Your plan will outline your business goals and strategies, and how you plan on achieving them. We thrive on information delivered with a pinch of creativity. If you're looking to start or grow a cloud computing business, you need a business plan. Cloud computing is a general word used to refer to the delivery of resources and services on demand over the Internet. Business Analytics. By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Privacy Policy and subscribe to receive communications from TechForge Media Ltd. We use technologies like cookies to store and/or access device information. I at valley ai has started to give writers an opportunity to write for us about technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, cloud computing, the internet, computer, web security, and . 6. The main goal of TechnoCults's technology writing is to encourage excellent writers to write different themes & post them on our website. The term Cloud Computing encompasses various IT resource delivery models and services. Education, Essay Writing, Tutoring, E-learning technology, Teaching. BlockChain. So, let's discuss some top Cloud Service providers of the market: i. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform that provides services such as compute power, database storage, content delivery and many other functions which will help to integrate a business. "The cloud" refers to servers that are accessed over the Internet, and the software and databases that run on those servers. cloud hosting + submit a guest post 2. Therefore, you can also send your article to 5 Predictions for the Future of ERP Software, What Is Digital Marketing? We are constantly looking for passionate industry professionals or cloud experts to write and contribute articles to feed the curiosity of a global community. Once you are fine with the guidelines, please send us the prepared article for review on any of the below email address-. In this article, you will gain an understanding of how the cloud can help support business, research, education, and community infrastructure and how to get started using the cloud for your own projects. This is one of the most effective venues for authors who are interested in posting their work in order to reach a broad range of people, and it is free. What is Cyber Defamation and How to Get Rid of That? Individuals who are experienced with the process of writing blogs. Mashableonline gives brand management solutions. This model increasingly affects more areas of the technology landscape on more levels than ever before. Love to sail in the cloud of technologies? If you have got the idea and are eager to share your learning with this world. Amazonas + contributing writer Meta-tags: Specify meta-data with your content. Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing. They make the article easy to understand and interesting to read as well. To submit your Articles, you can Email us, Brand Write for Us Contribute and Submit Guest Post, Software Write for Us Contribute and Submit, You can send your Article to Become an official MarketingTech contributor. I am not sure what to write about, can you suggest some topics? Promote your post: Once your post is published, be sure to promote it through social media and other channels. There are different ways of distributing Cloud resources, called Public Cloud , Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud. Include key takeaways to engage our readers till the end. Feel free to add a bit of humor into the content. The authors that are knowledgeable and talented in composing blogs that meet our expectations and standards are the ones with whom we like working in collaboration. Cloud computing (or cloud computing, in English) is a technology that allows remote access, from anywhere in the world and at any time, to software, file storage and data processing through the Internet, without the need to attach to a private computer or local server. 7. While reading the example pieces, we will be looking for: Cloud Computing providers make available to companies, via subscription, a series of IT resources including servers, databases, archiving storage, software, business intelligence, applications. Guest Posts, Information Technology News, Tech Reviews & Product Reviews. cloud architect + suggest a post 5. , Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Ethical Hacking. Cloud-Secure Tech is one of the leading platforms dedicated to Cloud based Disaster Recovery & Backup services, Information Security and Governance. Cloud services (cloud services drive and are driven by consumer demand; as markets change, so do the types of services being offered). In simple terms, cloud computing allows you to rent instead of buy your IT. and write a short description to introduce yourself. While it takes time, investment and work to get platform engineering stood up internally, the benefits such as cost savings, accelerated speed of delivery, improved system reliability . 6. The concept of the cloud should not be confused with that of Network Attached Storage (NAS), which many companies use through a server in residence. 1. Whenever an organization transfers data from its internal storage to the cloud, it experiences compliance with the laws and regulations of the industry. Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, demand network access to a shared on-pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This release adds single sign-on and OIDC support as well as dynamic node metadata, job templates, and UI improvements. Despite its prevalence, cloud computing can be a confusing concept. amazon cloud services + guest column ii. Dropbox. Write for us on IOT (Internet of Things) Write for us on crypto finance. cloud architect + submit an article To better understand the phenomenon of cloud computing, here is a complete definition of this term. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing servicesincluding servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligenceover the Internet ("the cloud") to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. With this release, it is now possible to sign into Nomad via single sign-on . Moreover, we have Internet, Security, Computers, Hardware, Software, Telecom, MobilePhones, CloudComputing,social media, Digital Marketing, SEO, Finance,Automobiles, IT Services, Gadgets,Mobile Apps,Future TechArticles, Business Articles, Mobile Technology, and more to see. Cloud computing (or cloud computing, in English) is a technology that allows remote access, from anywhere in the world and at any time, to software, file storage and data processing through the Internet, without the need to attach to a private computer or local server. We are searching for individuals who can produce high-quality material that will meet the needs of the target audience. Research Paper This is a group project. By taking advantage of cloud computing, companies can access the latest technologies and software, without needing to invest in costly hardware and software solutions. Finally, cloud computing is often more affordable than traditional computing solutions, making it an attractive option for companies looking to reduce their e-commerce costs. Cloud computing is the on-demand provisioning of system resources or services to users through remotely maintained cloud servers. In layman's terms, Cloud Computing is defined as a virtual platform that allows you to store and access your data . How to Submit Your Pitch (Technology WriteForUs), We will be excited if you contribute content to, Make sure the subject of your email includes the phrase, Guest Posts at Three Windows, Regarding Guest Post, Guest Post Submission, Regarding Guest Post Submission, Guest Post Opportunity, Sponsored Post Opportunities,. 2020 Cloud Management Insider. Who Should Post at The Three Windows Blog? Requires a researcher to complete an application (30 minutes). . 8. Processing Speed. TheThree Windows, you can reach out to a wider range of readers worldwide who are eagerly waiting to see greatdigital content. All Rights Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Meta-tags: Specify meta-data with your content. Introduction. Cloud computing defined. These cloud services now include, but are not limited to, servers . 8. Try to keep the informative part within the first 7 mins. Write for us on Artificial Intelligence. Cloud Computing. Others are used publicly or bound by technology. Cloud Computing Write For Us Guest Post, Contribute, Submit. , and Three Windows will get back to you. Amazon Web Services. 3. Write for us on Cybersecurity, Data Breaches, and Cryptography. Computing services can include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. In other words, computing usages the connectivity and immense scale of the Internet to host the most excellent varied resources, programs and information and allows the user to admission them through any computer, tablet or cell phone. Getting procurement "right" will lead to a portfolio of cloud technology and services that truly realizes the benefits of cloud computing. All rights reserved. Automation. There are three types of cloud computing here: public, private and hybrid. To better understand the phenomenon of cloud computing, here is a complete definition of this term. Automation is an essential feature of cloud computing. In return, we promote your precious content through our website and share it on all social media websites. We are only accepting guest blogs from industry thought leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs and industry experts in the field of IT. Covering SaaS news, cloud computing jobs, virtualization strategy, cloud apps and enterprise IT, private and public cloud, system security, cloud apps, CRM and cloud communications, Cloud Tech provides the latest insight that enables CIOs to make informed decisions about IT strategy. With SaaS, the software is delivered to the customer turnkey, allowing easy use and eliminating the problems of managing infrastructure resources. Cloud experiences and adoption (deployment scenarios and consumer expectations). Microsoft Azure + guest author , you can reach out to a wider range of readers worldwide who are eagerly waiting to see great, Information Technology Write for Us, Technology Write for Us, Tech Blog WriteforUs, Technology Blog Write for Us, Technology Guest Posts, Information Technology Write for Us (Guest Post), You Can Write Any of The Following Tech Topics, Cutting-edgeTechnology, Information Technology. Just send an email to. 10. Guest Posts Submission Necessities (Business Technology Write For Us), 1. Reserved. The nearly limitless compute resource available in the cloud lets you bring to bear the benefits of superior processing speed. AWS cloud + contribute to our site 4. 5. IEEE Cloud Computing magazine seeks accessible, useful papers on the latest peer-reviewed developments in cloud computing. Article should be in depth and easy to comprehend. Increased Collaboration. 1 link allowed from within content to your website inner page, Outbound links have to be highly relevant and high authority sites (NO linking to Wikipedia), Double check for any typos, grammar error, spelling errors, facts, accuracy, names, dates, attributions and outbound links, Bold, italics and exclamation marks must not be over used. Writing for us is like being on the same side of the table as us. Here at RHwebdesigns, you can find content as per your interests such as tech news, updates, trends, technology, business ideas, finance, and future tech articles, among other things. Our aim at Nextwebblog is to provide our booklovers with information about all the latest technologies in the 21st century. All Rights Reserved, AWS Creates New Wavelength Zones in Seattle, Denver, After US, Japan, AWS Announces New Wavelength Zone in South Korea, Google Cloud Announces Plans For Three New International Cloud Regions, Google Cloud Inks Deal With US-Based Highmark Health and Tapestry, Video Conferencing App Zoom Leaves Oracle, Inks Deal With AWS For, (Updated) AWS Outage Resolved, All Operations Return to Normal, NSW Health Pathology Leverages Microsoft Azure Services To Speed-Up COVID-19 Testing, Amazon Launches Managed Workflows for Standalone System Apache Airflow. Write for Us, guest post or guest blogging or write for us farming tips., You can send your article From small businesses and freelancers to large enterprises and supranational organizations, this flexible and cost-effective way of delivering computing services continues to gain popularity worldwide. Copyright 2023 Cloud Computing News. InformIT brings technology experts and publishing experts together to create industry-leading training tools that help technology professionals succeed in their daily jobs. social media, Digital Marketing, SEO, Finance. Use relevant header tags(H1, H2, ..H6)which give the outline of the article. How do you access it? Write in an engaging and interesting way. Cloud and adjacent technology trends (exploring trends in the market and impacts on and influences of cloud computing). Write For Us Wire19 is the best place to submit guest post or article related to cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), or related topics. A Guide To Marketing In Todays Digital World, Discover The Advantages Of Cloud Computing, Sell Your Samsung Tablet With The Help Of Dr. Gadgets. . 9. General Submissions. All accepted articles will be edited according to the IEEE Computer Society style guide. contact us at to share your suggestion or just to say HI. If your content is accepted and published, your content will be distributed across our channels, including web, social media, RSS, email, mobile and PDF. 4.7. We welcome tech writers, bloggers, and experts who want to write for us. Cloud Tech promotes industry thought leadership content from industry brands, businesses and analysts, partnering with writers and bloggers to deliver insight and advice on cloud IT strategy to our extensive audience of CIOs and IT managers. We, however, go beyond news and views, and are mainly interested in posts that offer value. Cloud computing allows organizations to perform a variety of analytical computational, or service-based operations without the need to maintain sophisticated hardware setups at the premises. They will NOT be uploaded. Depending on business needs and strategy, some resources are used privately. Topics include, but arent limited to: Submissions will be subject to IEEE Cloud Computing magazines peer-review process. Keep coming up with great and valuable content. Below is some information from GCP, Amazon, Azure, and Oracle. DHN is one of the most trusted, influential, and informative IT media portals covering the breadth and depth of web hosting, data center, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and reseller industry. Just write the first four pages about this subject. That originated from a . It is a one-stop destination for IT news, CXO interviews . 5. Keep it short and sweet: A good blog post is typically under. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. The Best Online Property Management Software, How Cloud Property Management Software Is Transforming the Industry, Information Security (And all topics falling under InfoSec & Cyber Security), Any specific Complaince pertaining to Cloud or Security, Cloud Computing in Finance, Healthcare, Law, Manufacturing and Retail, Information Security in Finance, Healthcare, Law, Manufacturing and Retail, Disaster Recovery in Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Law, Manufacturing and Retail, Compliance in Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Law, Manufacturing and Retail, Legalities in Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Law, Manufacturing and Retail, Posts are recommended to be a minimum 1500 words, Content must be detailed, in-depth and topics must be well researched, Posts that have already been published (Print or Online) will NOT be considered, Content should be original and should not be plagiarized in any form. Why Colorado Is Perfect for Outdoor Kitchens 3 days ago . On the contrary, the private cloud provides a pool of resources dedicated to the single company that has exclusive access to the infrastructural system. To discuss article ideas send your company name, job title and examples of previous articles you have written to our MarketingTech editorial team: . A good blog post is incomplete without a suitable. Cloud Computing Write for Us Contribute and Submit Guest, Write for Us Technology, Business, Marketing and Apps. Technology and business companies can "write for us" and submit a guest . We are constantly looking for passionate industry professionals or cloud experts to write and contribute articles to feed the curiosity of a global community. Golang. We are only looking for writers who are knowledgeable and efficient in their ability to provide effective and relevant information to readers all over the world. Sharing your expertise with our audience and engaging with industry professionals around the world is simple. Article length can be between 700-3000 words. Our current cloud computing contributors include CIOs, IT experts and practitioners who are leading the way in industry discussion, analysis and thought leadership. We also retain the right to edit your content for clarity, tone and style. Article length can be between 700-3000 words. Article should be in depth and easy to comprehend. A good blog post is incomplete without a suitable SEO-title(50-60characters) &meta-description(150-160characters). Help Forming and Funding a New Company 2 days ago . Digital Marketing Write for us. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best in the cloud computing sphere. To Write for Us, you can email us at, Cloud + write for us Find guides, code samples, architectural diagrams, best practices, tutorials, API references, and more to learn how to build on Google Cloud. The article must not be promotional in nature, Only 1 website link is allowed in the author bio section. Have any questions related to guest posting at. AWS services + submit a blog post Cloud Computing provides increased security when compared with traditional and internal infrastructures in company. We are interested in any topic that talks about Cloud Computing, Information Security, Disaster Recovery, etc. Virtual Reality. It guarantees safety by providing the best security systems and services with proper auditing, passwords, and encryptions. Cloud economics (direct and indirect costs of cloud computing on the consumer; sustainable models for providers), Cloud standardization and compliance (facilitating the standardization of cloud tech and test suites for compliance), and. If you are searching forTechWrite for Us,Information Technology Write for Us, Technology Write for Us,Gadgets WriteforUs,Business Write for Us,Tech Blog WriteforUs, Technology Blog Write for Us, Technology Guest Posts,youvecome to the right blog. Content will be checked for duplication, Images need to be royalty free and Attribution to Original Image (s) is Mandatory, Video will only be posted in the form of embeds. It will also detail the amount of funding you need, and if needed, present a . Cloud security and privacy (issues stemming from technology, process and governance, international law, and legal frameworks). Current contributors to cloud computing include CIOs, IT experts, and professionals who lead the way in industry discussion, analysis and thought leadership. Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Minimum of 2 Outbound links for every 500 words are required. Google Cloud documentation. It doesn't store any data on users' personal computers. These standards assist us in distinguishing ourselves from the rivals and improve the standard of our work and content. When compared to the concept of local storage, which consists of storing data on a computer's hard drive or running applications from a computer's hard drive, cloud computing is more flexible. Nextwebblog is your go-to tech source for proficient IT knowledge and motivation. Our proven results have helped clients achieve their goals in a wide variety of areas. Topics that you can write on. We only accept one or two backlinks based upon quality of the content. Avoid writing an article that has already been published or copied. Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). Build a computational biology team from scratch. Cloud Computing Write for Us Cloud Computing is an information technology that allows you to take advantage of the internet to remotely distribute software and hardware resources. Technology News, and Digital technology Trends, Updates, Digital Trends. AICloudIT is one of the trending blogs for technology readers. We publish content covering a variety of key subjects including: Cloud strategy and adoption advice for SMEs and enterprise business. Use images: Include high definition images or infographics to break up the text and add visual interest & information (, 9. Many of us use it on a daily basis. These standards assist us in distinguishing . amazon cloud + guest blogger Three Windows is the right destination forguest posts for businessesanddigital technologycompanies, includingtechies and non-techiesbelonging to multiple industries. Be useful & engaging: i. We welcome proposals for innovative, instructional books, eBooks, and videos about technology topics including programming, data science, cloud computing, software . Then, email us with the following: A brief cover letter saying hello, and explaining the kind of things you'd like to write about. Lets get started. Cloud Computing services are divided into three main models: PaaS, IaaS and Saas. This is definitely not a programming language that you hear about every day. Write original i.e.. content that was not published online before. AWS cloud + submit content Cloud Computing is defined as storing and accessing data and computing services over the Internet. Two articles about some aspect of application development you've written that you're proud of. Let's get started. AI is resource intensive for any platform, including public clouds. ii. Reserved rights: Please note that we reserve the right to rework posts for clarity and length. The private cloud allows the company to adapt the functions and support its needs. We, however, go beyond news and views, and are mainly interested in posts that offer value. Once incorporated, we will recheck and if we are satisfied with the quality, we will publish the content. Use as many sources as you would like but have them cited in APA and in the correct format [] Here again, the 2020 Cloud Computing Survey offers bullish results. The writing style should be down to earth, practical, and original. Since the cloud is designed exclusively for this, all processes are base on the companys reality. Virtualization considerations and new technology. With the Public Cloud, the resources provided belong to the provider, which makes virtual machines, storage and applications available to companies and manages the system. Write content that is helpful and informative for your readers. You can source one or two valued outbound links like Wikipedia. Write-for-us on Blockchain. Successful cloud adoption flows from well-designed procurement strategies and cloud-centric contract vehicles. Cloud computing uses a remote server to connect user devices to centralized resources. Data science. One way to procure the cloud is by issuing an RFP. Links to blog posts are ok. Cloud computing has and will continue to expand the IT operations and IT utilization options for organizations of all sizes. What is the cloud? You could be blocked from accessing cloud services until the problem is resolved. We do this to improve browsing experience and to show personalized ads. The community to connect all the cloud newbies to the cloud ninjas.
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